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European Seedbank Preview

European Seedbank Spring 2024 Sale Dates:

If the sale is open to you, you can click HERE to view the sale.

To enlarge, click on an image, then click on the arrows, and use the X top right to close.
Please be aware that these are stock photographs, and may not correspond exactly to items of a similar description in the actual sale
Remember too that seeds of named cultivars may not come true especially when open pollinated but even when selfed.
Feel free to use any of the photographs shown provided you give clear attribution.

Photographs by:
BH: Bob Holzinger
CH: Christian Houël
GB: Graeme Boocock
JMMacD: John MacDougal
ML: Mattias Lanas
MV: Maurizio Vecchia
MVar:  Markus Varga
PM:  Paulo Mendonça
RD:  Robert Dostal
RJRV: John Vanderplank
RKR: Robert Rice
RMcP: Rob McPhail
SB:  Sabrina Berger
SL:  Sergio Lloreda
TvOL: Tineke van Ooijen-Lommen
WF: Wesley Franks