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Rob McPhail
'Queen Guinevere'
Rob McPhail
'Bramble Jam'
Aleksey Miroshnichenko
Aline Pinto dos Santos et al.
'Mansai 1'
Lizhu Qian
'Mansai 8'
Lizhu Qian
'The Spirit of the Sea'
Gao Ling et al.
'Lena Sc.'
Andreas Beck
Graeme Boocock
'Stefano Capitanio'
Maurizio Vecchia
Graeme Boocock
'Zhuangyuan Red'
Fuchuan Wu
'Palomita Rosada'
Christopher Taube
'Michela Vagli'
Franco Vagli
'Edoardo Vagli'
Franco Vagli
'Cappuccetto Rosso'
Maurizio Vecchia
'Banna Sky(版纳天空)'
Fuchuan Wu
'Xiyuan Red (西园红)'
Fuchuan Wu
'Mansai Red (曼赛红)'
Fuchuan Wu
'Little Boy Blue'
John Vanderplank
'Penny Ann'
John Vanderplank
'Lady Cornelia Everdina'
Rob McPhail
'Alice Gossiaux'
Yvan Vilain
Chunhui Hao
'Cooloola Blue'
Robert Dostal
Salvatore La Delfa
'Gote Rosse'
Angelo Ciacciulli
Nadine van Rüschen
Nadine van Rüschen
Nadine van Rüschen

Welcome to Passiflora Society International (PSI)

Our Mission

PSI is dedicated to the conservation of the genus Passiflora through

  • the sharing of knowledge of the genus, its species and cultivars throughout the world
  • the promotion of cultivation and propagation of living collections
  • encouraging the creation and registration of cultivars for their flowers, fruit and other characteristics
  • seeking ways to ensure the survival of endangered species and cultivars.

Our Activities

Our activities and services include:


New members are always welcome. Choose from two levels:


PSI is run by an elected Management Committee elected by premium members and chosen from them, with Officers appointed by the committee.

Volunteers are always welcome, especially with specific expertise – cultivation, taxonomy, plants, IT, publishing – tell us how you can help!

More information and contact

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