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Academic subscriptions


One of PSI’s key aims is the sharing of knowledge of the genus, its species and cultivars throughout the world. To further that aim, and assist those who are among the best placed to develop and share that knowledge, PSI offers Academic Subscriptions at 25% of the regular rate.

There is no catch, except that we do expect all those granted an Academic Subscription to submit during their subscription period at least one article suitable for publication in Passiflora, PSI’s journal and newsletter. The article should be at least 1500 words long with suitable formatting, references and illustrations. Original contributions to our scientific knowledge of Passifloraceae are most welcome, but so too are articles which are less scientific or simply seek to share knowledge in an accessible form.

An Academic Subscription is:

An Academic Subscription entitles you to:

How to apply

If you have read the above information and are:

Assuming you are eligible, the Secretary will then send you tell you how to complete your subscription

An Academic Subscription is by concession, and PSI reserves the right to refuse or suspend any such subscription at its absolute discretion. It is not available to institutions themselves.