New PSI is born ! Time to enrol !

On 12th October, 2019 the momentous decision was taken during the Madeira conference to form a Voluntary Association under the name Passiflora Society International (“New PSI”), to dissolve the Florida corporation formally (and formerly) entitled The Passiflora Society International, Inc (Old PSI) and hand over its assets and activities to New PSI. Well, maybe not so momentous: very little has changed for you, the member, but it will make the society soooo much easier for its officers to run.

BUT THERE IS ONE IMPORTANT THING YOU DO NEED TO DO unless you were one of those who voted to join New PSI as a founding member, or have joined since 12th October; please login and complete the simple form which will then appear, and your membership in Old PSI will be immediately converted into membership of New PSI, whether you are a Premium Member or a Basic Member.

Please make sure you do this BY 31st MARCH 2020; if you do not do so, the GDPR will compel us to drop you from our membership list (though you will retain any outstanding benefits).

Members who wish to see the minutes of the Madeira meetings should log in, and can then find them here

First published on 28 October, 2019.