2018 PSI Newsletter published

The 2018 double issue newsletter has been published. Many thanks to Matt Lanas, our new editor, for all his hard work, and to Ron Boender for the stunning cover photo. Contents include:

    • report on the 2017 Colombia meeting by Rob McPhail
    • proposal  to breed a cold climate, edible Passiflora as a team by Don Ellison
    • new books by Ron Boender and Christian Houël reviewed by Patrick Worley and Robert Rice
    • notes on Passiflora seed & pollen by John Vanderplank
    • thoughts on the registration of Passiflora cultivars by Les King
    • obituary of Emil Kugler by Axel Frank
    • recipe, seedbank, conference and other news

(It does not include the 2018/9 Cultivar Register, which will now be published as a separate issue later in the year.)

Hard copies are being mailed to everyone on the 2018 premium member list AND the current list (as at press date, 30th June 2020), except for those requiring a digital copy only. This can be found on our Newsletter Downloads page as usual.

Basic members can purchase both hard copies and digital versions from MagCloud, as can non-members.

Matt is now hard at work on the 2019 issue and our commissioning editor, John Vanderplank, would welcome additional contributions.

First published on 10 July, 2020.
Last revised on 13 July, 2020.