2019 PSI Newsletter published – and a questionnaire for you

The 2019 double issue newsletter has been published. Many thanks once again to Matt Lanas for all his hard work and to the many contributors who have made this a bumper 48-pager. Special thanks to Matt Candeias for his guest article on Adenia and to Markus Varga for his practical guide to this fascinating genus in the passionflower family; the sharp-eyed will discern a member species in his photo on the front cover, behind the foreground subject Passiflora edmundoi, which inaugurates our new series of Plant Profiles.

The first item in the issue is an update from your President and Vice-President, in which we ask you all (basic as well as premium members) to complete a PSI and Me questionnaire, to tell us what you would like PSI to be, and how you can help us get there! Please do take a few moments for this – unless you tell us, we may never know !

Other contents include:

  • PSI Meeting 2018, Bochum, Germany – report by Rob McPhail
  • Passiflora × violacea: The First Hybrid by Leslie A. King
  • Two Go To Mexico – field-trip report by John Vanderplank
  • A History of Passiflorunde Magazine 1993 – 2013 by Axel Frank
  • The “Succulent Passionflowers” by Matt Candeias
  • Adenia: A Practical Guide by Markus Varga
  • Passiflora Seed & Pollen Part 2 by John Vanderplank
  • Remembering François Thuys by Christian Houël
  • Plant Profile: Passiflora edmundoi by John Vanderplank
  • Butterfly Corner by Martin Wills
  • Passiflora Crossword by Leslie A. King
  • crossword, recipe, seedbank, conference and other news

Hard copies are being mailed to everyone on the 2019 premium member list AND the current list (as at press date, 26th December 2020), except for those requiring a digital copy only. This can be found on our Newsletter Downloads page as usual.

Basic members can purchase a hard copy with a free digital version from MagCloud, as can non-members. The digital version now has its links and similar features enabled, but is lower resolution than the version on the PSI website – which you may (or may not) find more convenient.

The size of this issue has entailed a slight delay to the 2018/9 Cultivar Register, but that’s next ! This and subsequent issues will only go to premium members on the list just before the date of issue – so make sure your subscription is paid up on time.

Work has also started on the following issue and our commissioning editor, John Vanderplank, would welcome additional contributions.

First published on 5 January, 2021.
Last revised on 8 January, 2021.