New Register of Passiflora Cultivars

The Register of Passiflora Cultivars 2018-2019 has now been published as issue 30(1) of our journal Passiflora.

Hard copies are being mailed to everyone on the premium member list as at the press date, 15th June 2021, except for those requiring a digital copy only, which they can find on our Newsletter Downloads page. It can also be found and accessed by all (including non-members) on our Passiflora Cultivar Register page, which has now been overhauled to include copies of all past registers. These have been given clearer and more consistent filenames, and are accompanied by notes on how to cite them, and how to apply to register your new cultivar. Do it now, and you’ll be in time for the register for 2020-2021, planned for the first half of next year !

Basic members will shortly be able to purchase hard copies from MagCloud, as will non-members.

First published on 24 June, 2021.