PSI Journal published

The latest PSI Journal is now with the printers and will start being despatched tomorrow. International postage can take a while, but please send in a contact form if you have not received your journal by 15th October. Digital subscribers can find their copy ready to download, once they have logged in, on our Newsletter Downloads page as usual.

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Many thanks to Matt Lanas for all his hard work, and to Andrew Adair for the beautiful cover photos of Passiflora gleasonii, and his three articles inside. Other contents include:

    • update and report on the questionnaire by John Vanderplank and Robert Rice
    • report on the 2019 Madeira meeting by Ivan González and Robert Rice
    • discussion of naturally occurring hybrids by John Vanderplank
    • research article on the Heliconius butterflies of Western Ecuador and the Passiflora species on which they feed by Ron Boender
    • how to recognize Passiflora in their natural environment by Yero Kuethe
    • research article on Passiflora hybrida floribunda – the Original Passiflora ‘Amethyst’ ? by Graeme Boocock
    • Passiflora antioquiensis plant profile by Leslie A. King
    • fond memories of the late Don Ellison by Angela Woolcott, John Vanderplank and Robert Rice
    • seedbank, conference and other news

This 54-page bumper issue is labelled “Fall 2020” which reflects the length of time it has taken to produce. We are looking at ways of speeding up the production process so that we can catch up; if you think you might be able to help please do get in touch. Meanwhile work has already started on our next issue, but additional contributions are always welcome. Please submit your ideas or finished articles to our commissioning editor John Vanderplank in the first instance.

First published on 15 September, 2022.