American Seedbank Sale Spring 2023

Bob Holzinger will open the Spring 2023 American Seedbank Sale to Premium Members on Wednesday 22nd March, and to Basic Members on Saturday 1st April (NB corrected date and times!). Those who have kindly donated seeds will be able to access the sale a few days earlier. For more details, please go to the American Seedbank page. You will also be able to preview the sale once you have logged in.

Members living outside America are most welcome to order from this sale, but in the present uncertain times will understand that we are unable to guarantee delivery.

To ensure seeds arrive in as good a condition as possible, Bob will in future either split larger orders into 2 or more packets, or use boxes. This does mean an increase in postal charges but seed prices are being held at $2 per bag for Premium members.

If you are a basic member and want to take advantage of this low price (instead of the standard $4), as well as priority access to the sale and other benefits, it is not too late to upgrade your membership. Premium membership starts at just $20 per year, during which there will typically be 2 American and 2 European sales – so do the maths ! More details on the Renew / Upgrade page.

The European Seedbank will reopen in a month or two’s time, and similar low prices will continue to apply. Meanwhile they would be very grateful for any seeds you are able to donate for it, following the instructions you will find here.

First published on 14 March, 2023.
Last revised on 18 March, 2023.