Digital journal now available

The hard copy journal went to the printers on 16th January, and all those entitled should by now have received their copy, but please submit a contact form if you have not received yours yet.

There have been a few technical difficulties with the digital version, but we are pleased to say that these have now been surmounted, and digital members can either


Those of you who are sharp-eyed may notice that the Passiflora on the back cover of the digital version is slightly different from the one that appeared on the back of the printed edition. Unfortunately our design editor, Rob McPhail, was on holiday when the final copy went to the printers, so it was not until his return that he spotted that the beautiful flower shown was none other than his new cultivar P. ‘Camelot’, and not the remarkably similar P. munzii as intended. The mistake has been rectified in the digital version. Our apologies to Rob.

First published on 30 January, 2024.